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Maurice "Mo" Covington


Mo is a go-getter destined to show people that their professional goals are attainable with the right balance of networking and proper money management. Former UVA Wide Receiver, Mo has blended his football connections and working experiences to help athletes, entertainers, and aspiring business owners create long-term wealth. His helpful spirit drew him to Capital Rebirth’s mission, where he assists the team in making thoughtful decisions that will have a long-lasting impact on our communities.

Denzel "Zel" Burrell
Vice President 

Providing opportunity and development - that’s Denzel’s goal. A New Jersey native, Denzel is helping to mold student athletes on the West Coast into future leaders. His hometown roots keep him connected with the East Coast and what Capital Rebirth is doing around the community. You may have spotted him at an event or two.

Zel Headshot.png
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