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Maurice Covington


Maurice Covington attended the University of Virginia, lettering in football at Wide Receiver and earning his B.A in 2009. Following graduation, he spent time with the Chicago Bears and New York Giants before suffering injuries which ultimately ended his playing career. 

He began life after football by earning his M.S in Sports Management from Louisiana State University (LSU). While at LSU, Maurice spent 3 years working directly with the football program, advising student athletes on major selection and helping them prepare for life after football. He quickly noticed that many former pro athletes would return back to the program desperately seeking career guidance and financial help. This is where Maurice developed a passion for helping student athletes plan for life after football.

Following this passion, Maurice accepted a position at his alma mater in Academic Advising in the UVA Athletic Academic Department. His time at UVA and LSU helped Maurice relate and effectively serve the students he mentored. In this role, he noticed a great need to enhance the athletic career development programing at UVA, and he and a promising young student athlete set out to create a career development program called “I Am More.” The program aims to inspire and help student athletes believe that they “Are More” than just an athlete. The program has served hundreds, helping students figure out their strengths and passions outside of sports. The program hosts workshops that focus on key areas of personal and career development.

Maurice continued to see the same scenario at UVA; professional athletes returning, desperately seeking career and financial help. Eager to change this cycle, Maurice began assisting them. In fact, during his time in the NFL, he helped guys use their platform to network, plan, and create long-lasting business opportunities. 

In the summer of 2016, Maurice joined the investment world as a financial consultant at REDE Wealth in Charlottesville, VA. Since, his main focus has been to educate young athletes on proper money management to create long-term wealth and ultimately reach their professional goals. Maurice has worked with dozens of professional athletes, helping them save, create realistic budgets, make smart financial decisions, start businesses, and invest for the future. He has dedicated himself to changing the perception that professional athletes squander their money.

Destined for more, Maurice left the investment world in early 2019 to focus on Covington Sports, dedicating his time to helping professional athletes become successful on and off the field. Maurice describes himself as a professional networker and truly believes that relationship building is key to long-term success.  His professional experience has allowed him to work with athletes, small business owners, and aspiring entertainers. He has overseen the creation of several new businesses, negotiated dozens of business deals, and has been a key matchmaker in numerous business partnerships. Maurice is a true go-getter, and prides himself in vetting, negotiating, and making the  “right” deal happen.

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