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What we do:

Throughout the year, Capital Rebirth hosts sporting events, community resource festivals, summer camps and more, creating opportunities for residents from every community to get involved, create memorable experiences for one another, and revive a sense of civic responsibility.

Pssst... We'll have a list of our 2024 Events up really soon.


Each year, Capital Rebirth hosts this annual event to remind the community of the negative effects of bullying. We bring out our collection of superheroes to interact with children and adults and everyone is encouraged to dress as their favorite character.


Capital Rebirth brings awareness to two epidemics in the city of Harrisburg and its surrounding areas - violence and opioid addiction. Community members showcase their talents in an effort to unify our neighborhoods. Vendors share their products and services to connect residents. Community leaders speak, encouraging attendees to come together to keep our communities safe.


Capital Rebirth brings the communities of Harrisburg and its surrounding areas together to enjoy of one of the city’s greatest pastimes - sports. Every generation between Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Lebanon participates in our day-long football/powder puff and basketball tournaments, creating an authentic experience full of energy for spectators. 

youth football & cheer camp

For five days, our team gathers coaches and student athletes from the area to share the essentials of football and cheer with the youth. Kids as young as 6-years-old practice techniques, run drills and learn the importance of sportsmanship during this FREE week of activities. 

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