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Wynton William
Business Operator

After graduating from Susquehanna Township High School, Wynton Joined the United States Marine Corp as a Small Arms Weapon Technician. He served his country on two tours overseas as a 2111 Armorer and locally in Pennsylvania for six years. During this time, Wynton learned lessons that were not only for the benefit of his time in the military, but would become valuable as a veteran in the civilian world.


As a marine, he learned discipline, structure, leadership, honor, respect, and how to push past mental barriers to achieve his goals.  While these were valuable to his time in the Marine Corps, the greatest thing that would come is being able to use those lessons to help his community; learning opportunities that civilians aren’t usually exposed too.  

Wynton works diligently to serve his community. He is an Assistant Coach for the Susquehanna Township High School Football program, a program coordinator for the non-profit organization Capital Rebirth, and works independently with youth mentoring and guiding them through decisions that will have a grave impact on their future. In addition to his service, he supports and sponsors many other non-profit, organizations and small businesses that have an impact on the community.  

All of the work Wynton does is not for vanity or public acknowledgement. Wynton is determined to create a clear path for his wife and 3 daughters. He is driven to lead his family in a fulfilling life of service to others. In addition to his work in the community, Wynton is also a real estate investor, and serves as the co-leader of the Security Ministry and a participant in the Young Adults and Marriage Matters Ministries at the Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church.  

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