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Mikell "Juice" Simpson


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Mikell Simpson had always been passionate about sports. The multi-faceted athlete stood out in many sports throughout his childhood and teenage years, including basketball, football, baseball, and track and field. It wasn’t until high school, though, that Juice honed in on his football abilities and began taking his game to the next level. By his senior year, he was named an All-American and had earned 50 full athletic scholarships from colleges and universities across the nation to play football.

The Harrisburg Cougar signed with the esteemed University of Virginia. He had 4 spectacular seasons with the Cavaliers before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury in his senior year. To date, the former running back holds records for the university and was honored in 2018 for his outstanding football performance.

Upon graduation from UVA, Mikell was offered a professional contract with the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL. Immediately after signing with the team, he was informed of a threatening spinal injury, leaving him unable to continue his football career. Devastated, Mikell returned to his hometown, Harrisburg, PA to figure out his next play.


It took several months before Simpson found ways to channel his personal experiences into positive interactions with his Harrisburg community. He’s held positions as Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS), a substitute teacher, and a staff member for Dauphin County Parks and Recreation. He currently works in an inpatient hospital in the city of Harrisburg, assisting youth who have attempted suicide.


Simpson founded Capital Rebirth on the basis of empowering Harrisburg youth. After his personal football rise and fall, he refined his life purpose to show young people that the possibilities for their lives are endless. His mission is to create growth opportunities for them that show them they can succeed regardless of their circumstances.

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